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    African Outback Big 5 Carvings

    Specialising in hand crafted, life sized wooden carvings of the majestic African Big 5

About Us

African OutbackBig 5 carvings display a uniquly African experience by offering high quality, life sized Zimbabwean lead wood carvings of Africa fierce big five.

Using highly specialised techniques past down from generations to generations have materialised into these life sized works of art.The lead wood has been carefully selected based on its durability and treated to ensure longevity of these master pieces.

These show case pieces bring extravagance within any environment they are displayed. African Art is defined by its uniqueness in which is displayed in every piece.

Who is behind all this?

My name is Dannis Chikwara im 70 years old. I live in a small town called Binga in the Matebeleland province. The love of wood crafts started at a very young age as I grew up in a family built on self employment. My father was my coach who taught me wood crafts, because I didn't go to school all the time I ended up helping my Father. I developed my skills to the extent that I could pass on this gift of wood craft to my sons. The gift lives on through them. They are able to support their families and their education. Like all good things, ood craft takes time. The bigger pieces can take up to a month to complete. It's all about story telling, each piece has it's own story to tell. Africa is defined by its stories and art is one of them..

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South Africa

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